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Thames Valley Berkshire LEP

Who we are

Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is a business-led partnership. We have, to date, allocated £140m of public funds (UK and EU) to deliver economic growth initiatives in Thames Valley Berkshire. Alongside London, Thames Valley Berkshire is the UK’s economic powerhouse contributing over £34bn in GVA to the economy. We have a crucial role as an engine of growth, both for the area and the UK, and focus our interventions to add value where they can help enterprise to flourish.

What we do

We contribute to the sustainable economic growth of TVB through the implementation of a Strategic Economic Plan, which has four programmes:

Enterprise & Innovation

The success of your business is essential to TVB and the UK economy. The LEP has funded initiatives to improve the business support available across the area, including the Thames Valley Berkshire Funding Escalator, a Business Growth Hub where all companies can start their growth journey and ConnectTVT, where ideas from tech start-ups can be shared and flourish.

Employability & Skills

To achieve the highest levels of education in our workforce, we are helping to develop five new Solutions Labs, which will equip young people with the STEM skills needed. And through a Skills Priority Statement, identify where skills deficits are proving to be a barrier to economic growth and where intervention can have the greatest impact.


We continue to promote the area’s key growth sectors and its value proposition in order to encourage international businesses to invest and grow their supply chains in TVB.


We prioritise infrastructure that supports growth through investment in transport improvements to enhance connectivity (£16.6m has been allocated for 2015/16); commission evidence to underpin strategic infrastructure such as airports and rail links to airports; and invest in digital connectivity (92% of broadband coverage achieved in 2015 and further enhancements taking it to 95% by 2017).

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