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Nearly 1 billion pounds of investment is expected in Maidenhead town centre over the next 10 years with an ambitious regeneration plan including 2,000 new homes, 100,000m2 of quality office space, attractive streets and spaces, improved parking and transport interchange as well as an enhanced leisure and cultural offer for the town. Maidenhead is a top business location and a town for everyone.

Borough Local Plan

The Royal Borough’s Local Plan, once adopted, sets out the planning vision and objectives to guide development in the borough and ensure it helps build a borough for everyone.

The plan will allocate sites as well as guide development for housing, employment, retail, leisure and other forms of development in the area until 2032.

The plan will shortly be discussed at cabinet and then council before final public consultation and submission to the Secretary of State later this year.

Cllr Derek Wilson, cabinet member for planning, said: “The Borough Local Plan affects us all as this is about homes, leisure centres, new schools as well as a wide range of other amenity sites that could be developed in the next 16 years.

We are committed to doing all we can to make the Borough a great place to live, work and enjoy and this plan is about providing the right development in the right places at the right time.

“We want to provide a borough for everyone and enable and support sustainable but sympathetic development to meet the growing needs for accommodation with the growing population.

“I would encourage everyone to get involved and have their say when we consult on the Borough Local Plan. This plan will affect you and your community and it is important you give us your views.

“The adopted plan will provide certainty to residents, businesses, local developers and others on what the development strategy is and on future land uses within the borough.”

The draft Borough Local Plan sets out a full range of accommodation to meet the varied needs of all the community including affordable housing as well as looking at office and industrial space. It also looks at schools, road improvements, public open space as well as other development.

The council has set a target of 13,528 dwellings to be built in the borough from 2013 to 2032. The draft plan shows that just under 70% of that target can be met because of the significant local constraints, including 83% of the borough being |Green Belt.

As well as the Green Belt there are constraints with significant areas due to the flood zone and a large amount of land being owned by the Crown Estate.

Maidenhead is the main focus for residential development as there is very little brownfield land available elsewhere in the Borough.

Further development in the town will enhance the area, as phase one of the Waterways project nears completion as well as the other development programmes that are being worked on are delivered.

There are sites within Windsor, Eton and Ascot but there will be plans developed to ensure their status as visitor attractions are not compromised.

The plan will also set out policies which seek to protect and preserve open space, historic heritage and environmental aspects.

The draft borough local plan is here