Reform Road – JV

Reform Road is one of four key sites that the Council is looking to develop with a joint venture partner. More information can be found here

The Reform Road site is approximately 1.71 hectares (4.23 acres) in area. It comprises three buildings, Clyde House, Waldeck House, Adult Training Centre and adjoining car parking. The property is owned freehold by the council and is subject to some short term tenancies. The site is rectangular in size and is bounded to the west by a watercourse, the Moor Cut.

The site is located to the east of Maidenhead town centre, within the wider Reform Road area. (The area is predominantly commercial with some recent residential development.) The council also owns freehold interests in the wider Reform Road area, subject to 125 year
ground leases, and would consider comprehensive redevelopment proposals subject to suitable relocation of existing occupiers.

The emerging Borough Local Plan designates the area as mixed use employment and residential. A draft Development Framework is being prepared by the council, which shows potential for the
development of over 500 dwellings and new commercial floorspace across the wider Reform Road area. Indicative development capacity for the Reform Road site is for over 150 dwellings.

Reform Road

Reform Road

Waldeck House

Did You Know?

The Town Hall Maidenhead was used as the hospital in the film ‘Carry on Doctor’